Get The Singing Toothbrush from C’mon C’mon!

by Digital Ryval on March 20, 2022

Buzzy Brush from Cmon' Cmon'

If you’ve seen Joaquin Phoenix’s latest movie, C’mon C’mon, then you likely couldn’t help but notice the singing toothbrush that Joaquin’s onscreen nephew, Jesse (Woody Norman), is fixated on buying. Well, it’s not just a movie prop. It’s none other than Jack N’ Jill’s very own Buzzy Brush and Jesse isn’t the only one with an appreciation for a toothbrush that plays a catchy tune.

Our Electric Musical Toothbrush, Buzzy Brush, is one of our all time bestsellers and has been entertaining young brushers since we introduced it in 2017.

Where Did the Buzzy Brush Song Come From?

"The Buzzy Brushing Song!" was written by none other than Jack N’ Jill founder, Justin Bernhaut, and if that wasn’t enough he also plays all the guitar parts. Meanwhile, the vocals are handled expertly by Lisa Roberts-Scott, Jack N’ Jill’s Social Media Coordinator. Singing on an electric toothbrush might be new to her but it only adds to her already wide range of musical experience, from recording the iconic jingles for McDonald’s and Cadbury to opera in Italy to the Melbourne jazz scene.

How did Buzzy Brush get its big break?

Well, by chance really. The film’s production team sent Justin an email out of the blue, back in 2020, asking if they could use the toothbrush and the song in a movie that would star Hollywood big hitter Joaquin Phoenix. Oh, did we mention him already? Of course, we had little hesitation in agreeing to see our little singing wonder up on the big screen. Who would have thought, from an in house project, recorded in a small Melbourne studio to mainstream movie distribution. I mean, what a buzz!

So.. how does Buzzy Brush work?

It’s an electric toothbrush that sings “The Buzzy Brushing Song!” which just happens to be two and a half minutes long, exactly the recommended time you should spend brushing. Yes, the coincidence is spooky. Like it was made for it. And, when the song finishes it switches itself off. Job done.

Kids have been bopping and boogying along to our tuneful toothbrush for years now and parents have been happy that it makes the tooth brushing battle that much easier.

I’m sold, where can I get one for my kids?

We stock them right here at Wellbeing Island: Kids Electric Musical Toothbrush Buzzy Brush (3+ yrs)



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