Jack N' Jill Kids (9)

Natural Certified Toothpaste Strawberry 50g


Fairy Floss Dental Flossers - 30 pack


Tooth Sparkles 60 pack


Bubble Bath with Bubble Wand - Natural 300mL


Detangler & Leave-in Conditioner - Natural 200mL


Shampoo & Body Wash - Natural 300mL


Tickle Tooth Sonic Toothbrush (0-6yrs)


Natural Certified Toothpaste Blueberry 50g


Kids Toothbrush - Ellie


Jack N' Jill Kids - Natural Toothpaste and Toothbrushes

Jack N’ Jill Kids is a natural Australian brand, favoured and trusted by parents all over the world. Jack N’ Jill Kids has a wide range of products, safe to use, eco-friendly and completely natural. With everything for your child's natural care, from babies to older children, we've got you covered.

At Jack N' Jill Kids, only the highest quality, premium natural ingredients are used; entirely free from harmful chemicals. As an Australian-owned company (with manufacturing based in Australia and other selected regions), we are focused on environmental sustainability with our products and packaging. Jack N' Jill Kids has been a pioneer in this industry, featuring a range of plastic-free biodegradable products.

Jack N' Jill Guide to Caring For Little Teeth

The Children's Oral Care Specialists

Famous for our oral care products, Jack N’ Jill Kids is the company that parents come to for answers to questions about teething and their children's first tooth, and many stages after that!

Jack N' Jill Toothpaste is now available in over 50 countries and is a favourite of parents around the world. Wellbeing Island founders, Justin and Rachel Bernhaut, a husband and wife team, developed our very own Jack N' Jill Kids toothpaste. It is now available in a wide range of tasty, natural flavors, that your kids will love. Brushing your little one's teeth has never been so fun!

“Natural flavour is important to babies and kids when it comes to brushing. It is their first experience with toothpaste and it’s really important that they like the taste and have a positive association with brushing.” - Justin Bernhaut, Pharmacist and Co-Founder of Jack N’ Jill Kids

Our teething gel is safe to consume and natural; with a mild vanilla flavor offering babies comfort and relief from teething symptoms. Jack N’ Jill Natural Gum and Tooth Wipes are the perfect product accompanying Jack N’ Jill Teething Gel and cleaning the first tooth buds. Paired with our range of Silicone toothbrushes, families can choose from any of the nine flavors of Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste, suitable for six month old's and above.

Products Made With All Natural and Organic Ingredients

One of the staple, plastic-free products is the Jack N' Jill Bio Toothbrushes made with corn starch, which is completely GMO-free. Along with our electric toothbrushes all of our products in this range biodegradable and perfect for brushing your child's first set of teeth. Additionally at Jack N' Jill we also have Bubble Baths, Natural Body Wash, and Moisturizers, along with other bath time products. We believe its paramount to ensure that parents are able to naturally care for their baby, toddler and child in every capacity, from the moment they are born.

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