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    Toothbrush & Stand - Rose Quartz


    Toothbrush Twin Pack - Rose Quartz & Monsoon Mist


    Toothbrush & Stand - Rivermint


    Toothbrush & Stand - Pirate Black


    Toothbrush & Stand - Monsoon Mist


    Toothbrush & Stand - Ivory Desert


    Toothbrush Twin Pack - Rivermint & Monsoon Mist


    Toothbrush Twin Pack - Rivermint & Ivory Desert


    Toothbrush Twin Pack - Pirate Black & Ivory Desert


    Toothbrush Twin Pack - Pirate Black & Monsoon Mist


    Friendly Flossers - 45 Pack Floss Picks


    The Natural Family Co (NFco)

    “Naming a natural oral care range for the parents of our Jack N’ Jill fans was a challenge! We went back to the beginning – what are we trying to encourage people to do in their homes? ….be a Natural (aka healthy) Family!” - Rachel Bernhaut, Co-Founder Jack N’ Jill Kids/The Natural Family Co

    It's always a challenge for families to make the right choices for their general health and wellbeing when they are surrounded by iffy chemicals, ingredients with long scientific names, and shifty advertising that has a lot of money behind it.

    A healthier lifestyle for your family and a healthier planet – it's a win-win!

    The Natural Family Co. oral care and personal care ranges are designed to be natural, safe, environmentally friendly, and effective choices for the entire family.


    Better Toothbrushes, Sustainably Made

    “Our NFco Bio Toothbrushes were pioneered eight years ago when bamboo and cornstarch were still mostly found in forests and farms!! We decided that if we were going to design toothbrushes, they had to reduce our impact on the planet, not add to the devastation caused by plastics already” - Justin Bernhaut CoFounder The Natural Family Co. (NFco)

    NFco was a leading innovator in the natural oral care/personal care industries. By using cornstarch for toothbrush bristles and developing cornstarch-based, zero-waste product packaging - a huge challenge at the time, we've provided a plastic-free alternative to toothbrushes and other products.

    All the packaging for our NFco products is sustainable and progressive, with a key focus on recyclability and biodegradability. In a world that has an ever-increasing focus on environmental sustainability we believe that it is paramount to be part of the solution, not the problem.

    NFco Bio Toothbrushes are biodegradable, meaning that after 18 months in home compost, they begin to break down into the earth – completely different from your usual plastic brushes that will outlive us all, sitting in a landfill forever.


    Our Best Selling Natural Toothpastes

    NFco Natural Toothpaste is the cornerstone of the NFco product range. Featuring Xylitol and Native Australian Rivermint, the whole range provides an effective and refreshing natural alternative to regular toothpaste.

    Friendly Flossers is another key environmentally-friendly product, with zero-waste packaging, recyclable floss and biodegradable handles. Its another effort by NFco to offer a range of oral care that is sustainable, organic and respectful to both our bodies as well as the planet.

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