Planet Luxe (24)

Body Wash - Sweet Lemon Myrtle, Macadamia & Almond Oil with Chamomile Flower 500mL


Hand Wash - Vanilla, Kakadu Plum & Lavender 500mL


Hand Balm - Vanilla, Evening Primrose & Kakadu Plum 500mL


Body Wash - Vanilla Flower, Macadamia & Jojoba Oil with Kakadu Plum 500mL


Hand Wash - Ylang Ylang, Palmarosa, Orange Pearl & Coconut 500mL


Hand Balm - Ylang Ylang, Palmarosa, Orange Pearl & Coconut 500mL


Body Wash - Coconut Oil, Orange Pearl & Ylang Ylang 500mL


Artisan Crafted Soap Galaxy - 130g


Artisan Crafted Soap Black Anise 130g


Artisan Crafted Soap Lemon Myrtle 130g


Artisan Crafted Soap Rose Petal 130g


Microfibre Cleaning Cloth - 2 Pack


Planet Luxe - Home & Cleaning Products

Focusing only on diet and exercise in order to improve our wellbeing is not sufficient enough. Our homes are full of potentially harmful chemicals, which can be damaging to your health. Checking under your kitchen or laundry sink can be informative to see just how many chemicals are in our everyday cleaning products. This can be particularly risky if there are young children at home, who could find and potentially consume these products!


Zero Harmful Chemicals!

Planet Luxe is the range at Wellbeing Island of natural cleaning products for the home, which are entirely safe and free from harmful chemicals. Additionally, we have a series of beautiful personal care essentials, which are suitable for adults.

Our Planet Luxe Dish Wash, House Cleaner (Australian Lemon Myrtle) and Hand Wash (with added Ylang Ylang & Kakadu Plum) are perfect products to make your kitchen and bathroom sparkling clean and smelling wonderful, in a natural manner.

Planet Luxe is meticulously crafted to perform; blending essential oil extracts to naturally and hygienically clean surfaces and sinks. Planet Luxe Laundry Liquid is gentle on your clothes and even gentler on your washing machine; keeping toxins out of the environment and your home (all of our products are grey water safe).


Organic, Luxurious & Effective

Planet Luxe Floor Cleaner with Rose Geranium is a safe and effective way to clean your hard floors, removing dirt and grime whilst leaving any room smelling fresh and clean. Planet Luxe Toilet Cleaner uses a natural and powerful Eucalyptus Oil to clean your bathroom and leave it smelling like the Australian Forest, instead of an airport urinal. There's no chlorine or bleach here!

Planet Luxe Glass Cleaner with Bergamot provides a crystal clear finish - a perfect natural cleaner for windows around the house as well as in your car.

Take a luxurious shower with our Planet Luxe Body Wash made with Vanilla Flower & Macadamia Oil, or our Coconut Oil, Orange Pearl and Ylang Ylang blend, again free from any harmful chemicals. Visitors to your bathroom sink will love Planet Luxe Hand Wash with Vanilla, Kakadu Plum & Lavender, followed by our nourishing hand balm with Ylang Ylang, Palmarosa, Orange Pearl and Coconut. Planet Luxe Artisan Hand Crafted Soaps with natural exfoliant Poppy Seeds, Rose Petals, Black Anise or Lemon Myrtle - the perfect natural hand care routine to leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed and smelling great!

Planet Luxe is for environmentally friendly lovers who want natural and effective home cleaning without all the toxins and appreciate beauty even while enduring the rigours of keeping house.

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